About Our Project

For the final project, our team will create an application for Roku to display 4k pictures and videos. The application will include advanced settings such as instant transitions, categories based on moods, and an option to add background sound. Claudia will organize and oversee all operations throughout the semester. Natalie will work as a client liaison and website developer. Gillian and Jonathan will take on building the application. Last but definitely not least, Katie will create all of the incredible graphics for the applications design.

Check out our final deliverables and documents HERE!


View our prototypes below! Click the links below to download the zip files for our Alpha and Beta. Click 1.0 to take you to check out the channel on Roku and the 1.1 to watch our presentation and a demo of 1.1!

Alpha Beta 1.0 1.1

Ken Woo

About Our Client

"The highlights of my 43 year career I’d say are the then WSU Are the World1music video, 16 Olympic games, 27 National Emmys in sports and entertainment, the Peabody Award, inductee of the Sports Broadcasting Hall of Fame, and Grady Fellow at UGA. I also was DP for the Masters Movie for 25 years, directed/shot the IronMan world championships in Kona for 20 years, covered the Tour de France on motorcycle for CBS/ABC and various other world championships like Final Four, Super Bowl, NBA, Triple Crown of horse racing, US Open Golf and Tennis championships, and the world cycling championships just to name a few a few of my credits. In entertainment, I worked on the Young and the Restless, numerous game shows like The Price Is Right, music variety/award shows like Emmys, Grammys, Golden Globes, New Year’s Rockin’ Eve, and DP’d one theatrical feature film called “Skiptracers”."

-Ken Woo